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Frugal Maniac

Bemidji MN, 56601

Making Life Simple

Where Cheap does Not have to Mean Inadiquite 

Helping You Save

At the Frugal Maniac we have for years strived to save money in every aspect of our lives. We have saved thousands of dollars every year by implementing a frugal living approach.  I know that being "fugal" has gained a somewhat negative image over the years. 

So lets take a look at the definition of "frugal: (ˈfro͞oɡəl) careful about spending money or using things when you do not need to : using money or supplies in a very careful way: simple and plain."

We live frugal every day and look at others who do not and wonder why. We see that living frugally is simple, not as a simpleton, but a easier way of life. We question the simple part of the definition with our motto: Where Cheap Does Not Have To Mean Inadiquate. 

It's so important to save money. Statistically, those who are millionaires and billionaires do not spend money like it is an artisan river that never stops flowing. However, it is said that those who win the lottery will spend the entire amount within a couple of years. 

There are some that will take frugality to the extreme and it becomes an experience living good on pennies compared to those around them. Couponing for instance is time consuming but the savings that can be had are amazing. 

Learning how to change the oil in an automobile can save around 20 dollars or more depending on the vehicle that is being serviced. Cooking more instead of going out to eat will save hundreds ever month. Taking your family on a much needed vacation is within reach when being frugal. Less money to go and less money while traveling.

Frugality should not be a negative persona! Instead, more of a way of life. Frugal Living was the way of life less then a hundred years ago. Could you imagine the impact on the environment if everyone modeled a Frugal Living. They used to carry around and reuse grocery bags, they would reuse jars and can their own foods. 

No more cans and plastic containers in the garbage. My grandpa took a piston from an old Oldsmobile and made a blown up Indian motorcycle run. It was his favorite motorcycle for years after. It was all about what get be used not about what could be bought. 

Learning how to do repairs around the house can save money. Learn some of the "survival" tips. What people call a survivalist today was a way of life not to long ago. We like to look at some of the older cook books and building tip manuals of the past for ideas. 

There is so much that has been lost in the last few generations. Growing your own food even if you live in an apartment is possible. With the technology we have today it will give those who want to live a frugal life more of an opportunity than there ever has been throughout history. 

Being Frugal does not mean we cannot have fun. This is why we have included a few things extra like the outdoors, sports, jewelry and travel. I will say the outdoors is a little bit of a frugal need with the ability to provide meat for the freezer, and the bonus it is fun. 

The sports will give a little much-needed relaxation and a little bling to go out once in a while. The Frugal need to save money on the next vacation that can be seen off in the horizon.