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Frugal Maniac

Bemidji MN, 56601

Tips to Save when Buying Clothes

We know that finding apparel at a decent price can be a difficult and sometimes nearly impossible to accomplish. Throw in life and finding clothes for smaller people, for taller people, or plus size just adds to the difficulty. 

There seems to be a misconception in the clothing world that a one size cookie cutter average is what everyone is. When looking for great deals and selections there is no advantage to only shopping at one establishment you have to get rid of the store loyalty. 

When trying to find the clothes needed it is wise to shop online, local stores, and mail-order catalogs. We would like to share with you a few shopping strategies that will help you find the apparel that is needed.

To begin with, we check a stores clearance isle, or section if it is online. We will sometimes find deals as high as 90% off, yes that would be 0.10 for a 1.00-dollar item. 

If the companies that you shop have a main headquarters check them as well because often times, they will have better deals and even larger selections. 

Don't forget the stores outlets if they have them, they use these to dump extra merchandise that the main store does not have room to keep.

If there is an item that you like check other stores to see if they carry a similar item for less money. If one is found look to the stores polices some will price match and even beat it by 10% which could add up to extreme savings.

Look up coupon codes on search engines and coupon sites to see if there are any promo or coupon codes. When using these codes, the possibility to save money is limitless.

 If your willing to spend the time to find them. These codes work online and even in store when using the stores ap. Stores like Kohl's, Target, JcPennies and more offer lots of ways to save money with these programs. 

If the stores offer a membership, reward program, or email specials make sure to sign up for them. If they offer catalogs, print or PDF, get a copy. 

When signing up for these emails the deals will be delivered to your preferred email and even a mail box. It is best to sign up only for the stores that you are interested in or your email and mailbox will be overrun and start getting annoying. 

A tip we use to help fight the clutter is to have one email just for the purpose of stores and deals.

To get the best deals always buy clothes before or after season. Sometimes they will offer preseason deals that try to grab a shopper's attention. 

But we have found the best deals when the retailer is trying to get rid of the old stock to make room for the newest clothing for the upcoming season.

At all costs we try to never purchase clothing that needs to be dry-cleaned. Washing clothes does not cost nearly as much as taking those specialty clothes to a dry cleaner to have them cleaned every time they need washed.

Try to find clothes that work well together so that one shirt can be used with many different outfits. A pair of pants or a skirt will look great with more than one piece of clothing. 

Coordinate, coordinate, coordinate. Shoes, pants, shirts blouses you name it when bought to work together the need to purchase 100 different outfits is not necessary, therefore saving money. 

Finally; with the above tips it will not matter what piece of clothing that is needed finding the right outfit will be easier and save money. With these tips it will not matter how tall, big, short, plain or glamorous you are there are savings to be had.