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Frugal Maniac

Bemidji MN, 56601

We want to help others under-stand how to do automotive repair and most of all save money on the repair parts that they need. I was raised in an automotive repair shop from mechanics, small engines, motorcycles, snowmobiles and even auto body repair. I have heard so many times that "I cannot repair my car, I don't know anything about a car, I just put gas in it and drive it." I want to impress upon you that if you are able unscrew the cap off of the drink that was purchased at the gas station there is a good chance you could 

check the oil in your automobile. I am not saying you will become a car guru overnight but it is a start. Checking the oil is one of the best things that can be done to ensure the car engine will last as long as possible. We have put together some of the best videos that teach how to do automotive repair, if for nothing else so that you know what is going to happen when the repair shop repairs what is wrong. One place to start would be learning how to make so that the car being driven is running as efficient as possible. When the vehicle is at it's peak efficancy it lasts longer and gets more gas per mile or miles per gallon (aka MPG). If really getting the automotive bug there is even some awesome avenues to get the performance parts that are needed to make it run like it never has before.

Welcome to the largest online store on the internet for LKQ used car and truck parts. Our high standard network features over 30 MILLION used parts and accessories for late model import and domestic vehicles.

 Factory Original OEM Shop Manuals For Ford Gm And Chrysler 1909-1981, Auto Repair Books Download Instantly, Car Diagnostic And Troubleshooting Maintenance Guides And ebooks For Muscle cars, Classic, Antique And Vintage Cars & Trucks

The tools you need

Get the hand tools, power tools, air tools, scan tools and more you need to complete the repairs that you require.

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Have you wanted to get that Classic Car you have always dreamed of? Maybe you want to get a green car that sips gas. Perhaps a 4X4 that will take care of you while working and playing. Or in need of a Van to carry around the family and all the extra gear. Need or Motorcycle a Boat we can help find those too!


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 That car that just drove by that just made you get whiplash because it looked so good is something that you can do with a little time and patience. We have many years of hands-on experience doing collision repair, custom work and complete restorations. We have put together some information that will help you understand what it takes and even how to refinish the ride of your dreams.

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Frugal Motorcycle

The opportunity to find a motorcycle that is a dream come true has never been so exciting with all of the technological advancements that are available.

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We know that sometimes the best way to figure out how to repair an automobile is to see it done before even trying. We have found just a few videos that can help on the next automotive fix that is being attempted. We trust these teachers because they know what they are doing. 

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 You do not have to necessarily drive differently if you want to save money when filling the tank next time. There are a few things that can ve done that will help improve how much fuel is required at the next gas station stop. Check out the page below to learn how to get

      Here at the Frugal Maniac we strive to save you money on everything you do in your daily life. We provide options to cloth you with the best looking clothes. When you are getting ready for work slip on a comfortable pair of shoes, but before you do jump on the treadmill and take a walk with the best walking shoes. When walking out the door Frugal Maniac gives the opportunity to drive the nicest looking car or even the fastest on the strip, street or track. When you return from work and enter your home Frugal Maniac will help you be able to afford the luxuries and the comfort that you have always dreamed of. Providing the best frugal alternatives to secure your property; Frugal Maniac has some of the best electronics that are available Apple, Samsung, iPad, Motorola just to name a few. We have many DIY informational options that will help save money by giving you the information needed to repair or build it yourself. Check out the Frugal blog to find tips, DIY’s, and recipes that will help improve the quality of your life. There are avenues to acquire beauty supplies, baby items, travel, sports attire, toys and even information and help for school and college. After running around frantically trying to get everything done the opportunity to go spend some time outdoors has never looked better. Get an R.V. do a little camping try some fishing, it never gets old after all a little fresh air never hurt anyone. You have the possibility in most cases to receive free shipping which tops of all of the bittersweet deals that you have found. After all what can be better than getting more for the money that you have put so much time into attaining.