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Frugal Maniac

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Baby Clothes

After the first day a child is born the roller coaster of children's clothing will begin. There might be a small break the first few week. 

Sometimes mom will receive a few sets of clothes that will help them to start out. Sometimes parents will even be ready for the first few months because they anticipated the babies arrival and purchased a few outfits.

For the first couple of years a child will grow out of their clothes sometimes every couple of weeks. Make sure to purchase clothes that are durable, washable and comfortable. 

When they are babies the next accident is just around the corner. Burping, spitting, puking, and pooping is a never-ending battle. Bright colors do not show stains and messes as much as the lighter pastel colors do.

Some women will only buy the best and newest clothing for their new baby, usually first time mothers. But after having a second child or if the parent is on a budget they can check online sales and clearance sections at stores like Walmart, Target, Gap, Old Navy, Disney Baby to name a few.

Understanding that children outgrow the clothes they have so quickly will make parents look to thrift stores and garage sales. We have picked up outfits before with tags still on them for one dollar. There are times we'll find clothes in good shape for under a dollar.

 These clothes can be brand name and barely used. Sometimes if you are a "wheeler and dealer" the opportunity to save even more is possible by making an offer for a whole bundle of clothes at once. Finding nice clothes for boys is a little harder than girls because of wear and tear. 

Girls clothing is usually a little easier because of the options there are for all of the different outfits. To keep up with the growth go to the weekend garage sales and frequently check your local thrift stores.

Do not forget to keep an eye on Facebook Marketplace and even Craigslist to find some of these mind blowing deals. Watch the classifieds in the newspaper, which are not as popular anymore. Join some of the internet groups some are created just for babies you'll find clothes, items, and tips. 

Like we said before, check the clearance selection online. In store only will only have what there is physically in the store. Online gives the opportunity to see what they have at the "home" store. Plus it can be shipped to your front door saving time and money.