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Frugal Maniac

Bemidji MN, 56601

Pamper your self frugaly beautiful

We noticed that cosmetics and personnel care supplies have gotten so expensive and filled with so many chemicals so we wanted to see if we could find a way to save money on the essential items that we use everyday. We have found some awesome recipes and items that will save you money and help you look and smell good all at the same time. We found effective toothpastes that clean teeth and give fresh smelling breath. We found ways to make face masks, lip gloss, hand soaps, bath bombs. We found things that will help hair and even fingernails.


I had never realized how easy it is to make toothpaste, my teeth feel cleaner my breath smells better and I am not flooding my body with a bunch of chemicals. I used to think that only people that live in the woods and do not want anything to do with civilization are the only people that do this and that it did not always work. I have since found out that it is quite the opposite. With all of these new essential oils that are out there making a good, useful, and fully adequate toothpaste has never been easier and is much better for you. Check out these DIY Frugal Living tooth care recipe; they are awesome and we have a few of them when you click HERE.....

frugal videos

Ever want to learn how the beauty professionals do what they do? Ever want to do it for living cosmetology training, Botox training, medical spa training, massage training, aesthetician training, aesthetician, esthetician, massage, reflexology training, reflexology, dermatology, dermatology training, dermatology make up, videos, tapes, health, beauty, waxing, 

body treatments, face painting, hair cutting, hair styling as you can see Video can teach you and give you an idea of what you want to do.

Face Care

We found that spoiling ones self is not as expensive as one might think and most times the items needed are within a few feet. We now understand that a lot of the food that eat is also good to moisturize, exfoliate, and even clean our face better then it ever has been. There are recipes to take care of dry skin if, like me, you have an oily face there is something for that also. Need help with acne there are tips that might help get rid of it to. Check out the information and recipes when you click HERE.....

It's a beautiful thing When you click here!

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Walmart: Whether your look is simple, sophisticated, or somewhere in between, you can look your best with beauty products from From bath and body to makeup, you'll find the latest beauty products at Low Prices on Our extensive selection includes fragrances shaving, bath body, hair care, natural beauty, oral care even men's grooming products. You can browse featured brands that include Olay, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Revlon, Neutrogena, Pantene, Hard Candy, Philips, YESto, Garnier, Fekkai, Dove, and many more.


Who we are

Here at the Frugal Maniac we strive to save you money on everything you do in your daily life. We provide options to cloth you with the best looking clothes. When you are getting ready for work slip on a comfortable pair of shoes, but before you do jump on the treadmill and take a walk with the best walking shoes. When walking out the door Frugal Maniac gives the opportunity to drive the nicest looking car or even the fastest on the strip, street or track. When you return from work and enter your home Frugal Maniac will help you be able to afford the luxuries and the comfort that you have always dreamed of. Providing the best frugal alternatives to secure your property; Frugal Maniac has some of the best electronics that are available Apple, Samsung, iPad, Motorola just to name a few. We have many DIY informational options that will help save money by giving you the information needed to repair or build it yourself. Check out the Frugal blog to find tips, DIY’s, and recipes that will help improve the quality of your life. There are avenues to acquire beauty supplies, baby items, travel, sports attire, toys and even information and help for school and college. After running around frantically trying to get everything done the opportunity to go spend some time outdoors has never looked better. Get an R.V. do a little camping try some fishing, it never gets old after all a little fresh air never hurt anyone. You have the possibility in most cases to receive free shipping which tops of all of the bittersweet deals that you have found. After all what can be better than getting more for the money that you have put so much time into attaining.