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Frugal Maniac

Bemidji MN, 56601

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Have you ever wondered hot repair your brakes or if you could even do it yourself? We want to show you how you can and see if you might be able to do it yourself. By going over this information you will see, wow that look like I could do that or you might see that no this a little more than what I can handle. These are not videos that I have produced they come from mechanics that I trust, I have watched these videos to make sure they are accurate and not someone that thinks they know what they are doing and will make you have a bigger problem then when you started. I do not get paid for sharing any of these videos, I do get paid if you use some of the links. With that said if you can support some of these mechanics that made these videos it would help them a bunch and allow them to keep producing quality content.

Frugal Maniac has found some very useful videos when you are attempting to repair your brakes. Check out the parts on the bottom when you find out what you need. Plus get the Brake Tools you need.

How Brakes Work:Have you ever wondered how the brakes on your work, or do you want to understand all of the specifics that make you slow down when you push on the pedal. 


How to Replace Steel Brake Lines

Automotive repair


Installing Front Disc Brakes

Automotive repair

How to ...Cut, Bend and Flare Steel Tubing

Automotive repair


How to Replace a Master Cylinder

Automotive repair


How To Replace Your Brake Fluid/Bleed brakes yourself

Automotive repair


brake caliper rebuild

Automotive repair


How to Change Drum Brakes

Automotive repair


Wheel Cylinder Rebuild

Automotive repair


ABS Sensor Diagnostics, Troubleshooting and Repair

Automotive repair

Brake Parts:

Get all of your brake parts start search here!

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