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Frugal Maniac

Bemidji MN, 56601

Frugal maniac will help you set up you frugal garden

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Get a bulb or three or maybe a tree!

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You have a one stop seed shop

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Down the frugal Mushroom hiway

We have all of the seeds that you need

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Mountain Valley Seeds

Mountain Valley Seed Co.: Did you know that most seed companies spend more on the full color seed packet than they spend on the seed in the packet? At we get our seeds from the same manufacturer as everyone else… Mother Nature! We just put the high quality seeds in much cheaper packaging and pass the savings on to you! Click one of the three categories below to find awesome prices on seeds!


Website shopko

Find the planters, racks, shovels and what ever you need to get your lawn or garden ready to go. They have the supplies that you will need to get your summer bright and sunny.

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Growers House is a family owned and operated hydroponics supply and indoor gardening center. They have both a retail and online store based out of Tucson, AZ to service their customers locally and globally. It is their belief that old business practices are becoming a scarce commodity today. Their goal is to provide their customers a large selection, wholesale pricing, expert advice, comparison tests, and most importantly, customer service.

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Shop GrowingMicrogreens Today!

They are a family owned business dedicated to providing the healthiest foods for your lifestyle. As part of the Living Whole Foods family of websites, they can offer low prices on microgreens and expertise you can't find anywhere else in the industry.

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Search American Medows Where COnfidence Grows!

American Meadows, is one of the most respected online retailers of wildflower seeds and Perinnial plants in all of North America. Our people have been helping supply gardeners since 1981. We seek to be a trusted gardening partner for creative gardeners —those who are willing to combine new ideas and products with classic favorites. Our customers range from some of the most experienced horticulturists in the country, to those who simply want to add a little color to their life, and everyone in between

Get the lawn you have always dreamed of! Your yard will look like the golf courses that look so beutiful.

It is enough work trying to get the perfect lawn why spend more time searching the net for what you need when it is all here at price that will make so that you do not have to use a scissors when you are done getting what you need.

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Shop and Save Today!

Your source of kits and supplies to grow your own herbs. Experience the joy of growing herbs all year long, outdoor and/or indoors. They have over 15 years collective experience growing herbs, including running a commercial greenhouse. Over 20,000 satisfied customers can't be wrong. They don't sell anything that they have not personally tested and used.

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Spring is in the air, that means backyard barbecues and pool parties are on the way; time to put away the snow shovels and break out the grill, jump ropes and bocce ball set. Your lawn will be coming back to life soon to replace the snow with fresh green grass and bright, colorful flowers. With the right lawn and garden equipment, you can make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. Shop at Kmart for lawn mowers to keep your grass lush and trim, gardening tools to help your plants bloom and outdoor storage to keep everything locked up in one convenient spot.

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At Walmart they everything that you need to get your garden set up. The great thing about Walmart is that you can order it online and pick it up at you local store, no fight the lines or the guy in the parking lot for a place to park.

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High Country Gardens - Pioneers In Sustainable Gardening! Click Here!

At High Country Gardens they offer plants, products and information that support long-term ecological balance and builds and sustains the love of gardening for generations to come. Their mission is to improve the earth one garden at a time.

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The more the weather warms up the more love your lawn and garden needs. Visit The Home Depot Garden Center for lawn care products, raised garden beds and garden plants and learn more about how to care for your garden.

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Flower bulb authority!

Dutch Gardens: For nearly a century, Dutch Gardens has been supplying Holland's finest bulbs and plants to beautify gardens throughout the U.S. Our history in Holland, however, goes back many more generations. Our gardening experts come from families who have long been leading Dutch horticulturists.

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