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Frugal Maniac

Bemidji MN, 56601

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Get health and save money doing it,

Staying fit with Frugal Health and fitness


When you need to get healthy this is the department to check first. Supplementation to the equipment needed check this out.

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It does not matter if you are a body builder, Yoga master, into MMA or just want to stay healthy Frugal Maniac has the department for you.


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Frugal Maniac has a depart that is nothing but herbs. We have over 40 differant herbs to choose from at prices that will help your frugal Living. If you are looking for a something that you have not bee able to find there is a good chance you will be able to find it here!


Herbs pro: believes that knowledge can be empowering. Health is nothing but understanding our bodies and its mechanisms that cause injuries and ailments. We are devoted to educating you about the body, how it works and how to heal it. We foresee ourselves to identify the best natural herbal health-care supplements and understand human concerns about safety and purity.


BodyPure Detox Foot Pads

BodyPure: is dedicated to bringing you alternative health products that actually show results. Our company was founded by Dr. Daniel Vinograd, Albert Levine, Nora Vinograd, and Ari Vinograd. Detox through your feet click below to take a walk through the site.


Complete Life Supplements - Natural Supplements for Health and Weight Loss

Complete Life Supplements: is proud to offer revolutionary products prepared with the most effective, organic, and purest all natural ingredients, including the best all natural and organic weight loss supplements. We have carefully formulated the top weight loss supplements for women, and we pride ourselves on creating weight loss supplements that actually work. They are always the highest quality, ensuring products that are safe, effective, and the best on the market!


For over 30 years Total Nutrition has been providing consumers with unsurpassed quality nutritional supplements at affordable prices. Originated in 1979, Total Nutrition was one of the first to manufacture and distribute supplements directly to consumers. We began by formulating innovative nutritionals, producing them to exacting standards and marketing them at the lowest possible prices.


Frugal iresherbs

Lowest Prices on All-Natural Herbal and Dietary Supplements. FAST 24 HOUR SHIPPING. FRESH - FACTORY SEALED. Health Solutions for: Male and Female Sexual Intimacy Libido Enhancement, Weight Loss Diet Pills, Healthy Aging, Heart Health, Energy Boosters, Live Longer, Brain Health, Dr. Oz Recommendations, Weight Loss Patches, Quit Smoking, Prostate Health, Immunity Antioxidant Boost, Weight Lifting & Bodybuilding Pills, Acne Relief, Digestive Aids, Probiotics, Apple Cider Vinegar, Green Coffee African Mango Body Detox Cleanse, Milk Thistle, Saw Palmetto, Anti Depression Anxiety, KANNA, LITHIUM OROTATE, Sugar Protein Metabolism, Carb Blockers, Appetitite Suppressants, Cinnamon, Lower Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Tea Tree Oil, Fat Loss Burn Gel, Vericose Spider Vein Cream, Menopause PMS Hot Flash Aid, VITEX CHASTEBERRY FRUIT, Thyroid, Vitamin D D3 2000 5000 IU, MENS BODY SLIM SHAPER, Urinary Tract Infections, CRANBERRY, GINKGO BILOBA, Blood Circulation, Bone Strength, COCONUT OIL

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