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Men's Clothing

Men's Clothing a History

Throughout history, they have found proof that from the beginning men have always made some sort of clothing. In the Arctic, they have found men having fur coverings while those found in warmer climates used leaves and grass.

 They used these coverings to protect themselves from the environment. As the time passed, clothing became and has become a status symbol. Clothing would start to include gold, jewels, fancy hats, shells and other precious items.


As centuries passed men’s clothing assumed a new role, it became his signature to show off social status. Emperors and Kings wore ornaments made of gold and rare jewels; nobles wore hats, while peasants adorned themselves with shells and plain-colored garments. 

As time passed and the population grew each culture had its own version of clothing. There were court dresses, kilts, and barongs. Because of these differences the men's fashion world was created. Fast forward and the creation of fashion institutes, magazines the men's fashion machine was established. At this point implementation of how men needed to look was instituted.

Once this machine started rolling, men would be looked down on if their tie was not long enough. If the crease in their pants was not in the right area or if their belt did not match the shoes on their feet. There was a time when men had enough and pushed a form of uniqueness that had nothing to do with status and everything to do with preference.

When these preferences began to change the focus on having to always wear a suit dissipated. A suit has to be dry-cleaned and takes a ton of time to keep up. With the need to save time, look good pushed and helped the men's fashion scene evolve into what it is today.

1. Suits: today are used in business and formal functions in this instance they are still the preferred style.

2. Jeans: Some of the most popular and universal form of men's fashion wear the jean. Loose, relaxed, faded, stonewashed, ripped, black, they make a jean for any situation. Levi's, Wranglers, and Lee are a few of the companies that sell jeans.

3. Shoe's have followed the same path as the clothes themselves focusing not only on looks but comfort as well. Companies like Nike, Adidas, and New Balance are just a few of the popular brands.

4. T-Shirt's can be used for almost every occasion. They can be used strictly as an undergarment and labor focused piece of clothing. It has turned into a permanent fixture in every man's wardrobe.

Men's fashion will change as the necessities of the future change. Men's clothing has always been focused on utility and function.

How to Get Rid of Ring Around the Collar

Has that yellow ring around that white t-shirt been impossible to get rid of? We have found a tip on how to get rid of ring around the collar. 

Take 4 tablespoons of salt and dissolve it in one quart of hot water. Soak a sponge with the salt water solution, and dab the perspiration stain with the sponge until the stain disappears.

perspiration Stains