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Frugal Maniac

Bemidji MN, 56601

Another frugal resource for your bike parts!

There are so many different motorcycles to choose from making it hard to make the decision on the model that will suit your needs. There is an impotent decision that needs to be made. What do you want to do with the bike? Getting the proper bike will help save money so there will be no need to buy a different model. Do you want to go on thousand mile trips, do you want to make a statement, looking for a rush or is there a trail that is calling that says you need to explore? When your mind has been made you’ll know the bike that is needed. Dirt bikes, enduro’s, sport bikes, cruisers, customs and even trikes. Everyone has its place and in our opinion you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Nothing better than a little dirt in your teeth : )

Dirt Bikes are loved by people of all ages because there is no need to have a motorcycle license to ride the bike legally. But unless they are an enduro they are illegal to ride on the street. Dirt Bikes can be used to get to spots that other motorized vehicles can not go. They are loved by those who like to do hill climbs, motocross and Baha races. Dirt bikes do not have headlights, turn signals, brake lights as well as dirt tires. This is why they are not street legal. We can help find a new bike, gear and parts that you will help to make sure you’ll always have the best day on the trail.

The majority of custom motorcycles can be classified as modified cruisers. Most of these bikes are super modified either to give the best handling, look, or speed. Bikes that are modified the most would be considered choppers, but still are a cruiser. Cruisers designed for comfort and cross-country trips are classified as touring bikes. The bikes that are built for the highest speeds would be qualified as a sport bike, however some of the drag bikes would still be classified as a cruiser.

Motorcycles built for speed are called Sport bikes. These bikes focus on speed and power and not so much on comfort. If planning on going on long rides these are not the bikes you’d want they are made for racing. These bikes have stiff suspensions and are light for speed and handling. Because of this it gives the rider the ability to take turns at higher rates of speed.

The way that the rider sits encourages aerodynamics allowing for better down pressure and increased speed, not necessarily for comfort. This is why many of the foreign bikes are called Crotch Rockets, some find this position comfortable. Most motorcyclists prefer the comfort of a cruiser because of the upright position.

Hit the street in style, it's a thing only a few understand

The motorcycle that most people purchase is the cruiser. A cruiser is an easy to handle, comfortable to ride and reliable motorcycle. Those who buy these bikes also love the styling options that is available between a multitude of brands. These bikes feature a comfortable seat, with basic handle bars and they are built for the best ride. The basic design of a cruiser features a standard seat, basic handle bars, and comfort. The only down fall that has been expressed is that these bikes are heavy however, that is what helps them handle well even at high speeds.

CLICK HERE for Cruisers, Customs, Dirt, Street, Sport whatever you are looking for!

Are you looking for a motorcycle? We can help you find the ride of your dreams. A Search tool that will help you find the make and model that you are looking for. The prices are awesome you will find a Motorcycle in the price range that you can afford.


Frugal snowmobile

So you went down and rented a snowmobile for the weekend and still can’t get over how much fun it was. Now the decision that is running through your mind “should I buy a new one, or just find a good used sled. A new sled can be a very significant purchase and sometimes a good deal on a used snowmobile can turn into a never ending headache. With some research and a few tips a new snowmobiler can be reassured when purchasing a new sled.

If buying a snowmobile for the first time getting a used sled could be the best route to take. New snowmobiles tend to cost a lot of money and if you are not sure if this love affair will last there could be an opportunity with the potential to lose a substantial amount of money on a toy that will sit around for years and not get much use. Buying a used sled will give you much-needed experience on a snowmobile that has already been through some of the bumps and bruises that can be acquired when first starting out.

You need to consider what the sled is going to be used for; ice fishing, deep powder/exploration, trail riding, mountain riding and even racing. Setting up a snowmobile for ice fishing is different from getting one that would be used for traversing deep powder exploration. An ice fishing sled works great with studs on the track, carbide runners and a set of plastic skies. On the other hand if doing some mountain riding and deep snow exploration a set of the plastic skies are nice but a paddle track is a must. A lot of trail sleds are set up to give the best ride with extras, like reverse, that would add extra weight to mountain and racing sleds that with the extra weight there is a lose of speed or a lose of flotation in deep powder.

The next thing to think about is the size of the engine, as a new rider bigger is not always better. I can attest that if the horsepower is there I am going to use it. Truthfully, sometimes that is not a good thing it can be a little painful. The larger the engine the faster it will go, the higher up the mountain side the high mark will be. I am not saying get a 340, unless that is all that is needed, we are trying to point out that research is a necessity that will give abundant confidence after finding the perfect sled. Something else to consider is that the larger engine also adds extra weight when loading and unloading.

Don’t forget the extras that are available they will make the sled even better. Hand and thumb warmers are a great addition, plastic skies, higher windshield, handle bars just to name a few. A good helmet or pair of goggles are a must have. You’ll want to decide if a pair of bibs is the way to go or if a full snowsuit is the way to go. Remember to find a set of gloves and a good pair of boots. Cold hands and feet can ruin a day on the trail. Ask yourself “What am I going to do with seld and where do I want to ride it”. With that said you can never do too much research after all. It is free and helps end buyers remorse. 

Frugal wave runner

Jet skis and wave runners are the perfect option for a family to enjoy themselves on the water. Some models will allow up to 3 riders, which can give a family on a frugal budget the opportunity to all have fun. This will open so many chances to explore places that others will not be able to. Finding those secret camping spots, fishing areas, or maybe even some great spots that nobody has ever touched.

If you have made the decision to purchase a personnel water craft there are a few different options that can be used to find the best deal. Used models, end of year deals at dealerships and even resorts. There are great deals that can be found at resorts around the country. Yes, there are deals to be had, but you must be careful not all of these resorts maintain their machines properly.

If you are thinking about buying a jet ski/wave runner there are a few things to think about:

-First do you want a ski that can be ridden standing up, or do you prefer to have one of the sitting models?

-Is there a want or need to be able to tow someone on a tube or water ski?

-How big of a personnel watercraft is needed, fishing, tubing, multiple people, or speed? This will answer the question of how big the hull is and how big or small of an engine that is needed.

-Do you have past experience on a jet ski? With more exposure to these fun little toys the knowledge that is gained will allow a lot more options to look into. The shorter smaller models are easier to handle but require more experience and the larger, wider models are more stable and easier to handle.

If you are thinking about purchasing a used machine always ask for the maintenance records to make sure that what is being bought is not going to be a set of problems. If they have been maintained the fun will last for many years to come even if it is a used jet ski. Make sure to follow all safety precautions. Some of these can skip across the water at rates over 100 mph, can you say adrenaline rush? The recommended safety tips that they give you will help to give you the opportunity to have many rides in the future.

Remember that every part of your personnel water craft is important but without extra care and attention for the engine it could lead to a detrimental mistake. Always check the oil and make sure that all the water is flushed from the engine after every ride. Make sure to keep the hull clean by wiping it down every time it is ridden. This is most important for those that are being ridden in salt water. A little tip: keep it waxed it helps maintain the finish and the slickness helps with a little extra speed. The last must do maintenance step to help keep the machine running like a top is to make sure the impeller is not clogged and the cooling system is working properly.

Here at the Frugal Maniac we strive to save you money on everything you do in your daily life. We provide options to cloth you with the best looking clothes. When you are getting ready for work slip on a comfortable pair of shoes, but before you do jump on the treadmill and take a walk with the best walking shoes. When walking out the door Frugal Maniac gives the opportunity to drive the nicest looking car or even the fastest on the strip, street or track. When you return from work and enter your home Frugal Maniac will help you be able to afford the luxuries and the comfort that you have always dreamed of. Providing the best frugal alternatives to secure your property; Frugal Maniac has some of the best electronics that are available Apple, Samsung, iPad, Motorola just to name a few. We have many DIY informational options that will help save money by giving you the information needed to repair or build it yourself. Check out the Frugal blog to find tips, DIY’s, and recipes that will help improve the quality of your life. There are avenues to acquire beauty supplies, baby items, travel, sports attire, toys and even information and help for school and college. After running around frantically trying to get everything done the opportunity to go spend some time outdoors has never looked better. Get an R.V. do a little camping try some fishing, it never gets old after all a little fresh air never hurt anyone. You have the possibility in most cases to receive free shipping which tops of all of the bittersweet deals that you have found. After all what can be better than getting more for the money that you have put so much time into attaining.