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Frugal Maniac

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Lets find out what is wrong

How to repair your Automobile

Get all of the parts you need shipped to your door for free and super fast

Frugal Maniac know that automotive repair is expensive, one of the biggest ways you can add to your frugal living is to learn how to repair your car. We will try to provide you with some infor-mation that will give 

you a lot of knowledge that will be needed when repairing your automobile. We will share videos that we have found that give you reliable information, we have worked in the automotive industry for over 30 years and make sure that these videos are accurate. The links below will bring you to sites with more information about repair procedures and tools. But one of the first things we recommend learning is how to change the oil in your automobile. This will save up to $50.00 every three months, more if driving a diesel. One of the most irreplaceable items for refer-ence that can be purchased is a Automotive Repair Manual, with the right service manual it will show every procedure needed to repair your automobile.

Check out the links below to see videos that we found that will help teach you automotive repair. Or just learn what is going on the next time you visit the shop. A little knowledge can go a long way!

Get your vacuum gauge here

You can use a vacuum gauge to test your automobile

  • Valves
  • Timing
  • Exhaust
  • Heads
  • Bottom end
  • Vacuum Leaks
  • and more!

This gives you a general idea of the automobiles condition. Use them to diagnose your car, and use them to test a automobile you are about to buy so you do not waste your money. The following link provides you with directions on how to use one of these little tools:*

*Check out how to use information.

This is the Ohm meter that we use to do our repairs. If you learn how to use one of these ohm meters and a code reader you will be able to figure out what most of your electrical and mechanical problems that might occur with your automobile. There are cheaper models out there however most do not have the features that this unit has. We have one of the more expensive models and unless you spend a ton of money you will not get a unit that is as user friendly. ------>Actron CP7677

Using a code reader will give you a quick idea of what is wrong with your automobile. Most sensors in your automobile can be diagnosed with this Scan tool and the ohm meter above. When you run the test on these expensive parts you will be able to figure out what is wrong before you buy a part you do not need. This link explains what the OBD II codes represent: OBD II explained This site gives you the OBD II codes by list: OBD II CODE LIST When you are all done doing the repair you will be able to erase the codes with one of these scan tools so that your light goes out.

With the information that we have provided you will be able to figure out what is wrong with most automobiles. There are different code readers for some of your older automobiles that will allow testing of that specific automobile. There are many other diagnostic tools that as you learn more about repairing your automobile you will want to own. This link will provide a doorway to these tools: DIY ENGINE DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS

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