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Frugal Maniac

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  Discount Travel

I have traveled since I was a child buses, trains, planes and automobiles, you name it I traveled with it. We have found many different companies that will help with all your up coming travel plans. It pays to look around to find the best deal so that there will be extra money for the best vacation ever. This is a great place to start when looking for travel deals.

As you look there will also be so travel tips that we will include for Flying, Hotels, Car Rentals and Vacations. We hope that we can help you enjoy the best most affordable vacation that you have ever dreamed of. Living the Dream even on a Frugal Budget is Frugal Living at its finest! 


Using air travel has become a necessity when traveling, especially long distance. Finding cheap flights is a must when some have to  fly at least once a  week. One of the best ways to save money on your next plane ticket is to make sure you know what to look for and what is offered and if there are cheap tickets. Learn how to take advantage of the price wars that take place between the airline companies.

Here are a few ways that could save you in some cases a substantial amount of money, who does not like to save money:

•Are you a little bendable with the dates you plan to go on the trip? If the dates are not an issue you can save hundreds of dollars using sites like Expeida, Hotwire, and Travelocity to just name a few. When using sites like these you are able to see and adjust to get cheapest and perfect date to book your trip. 

•How well do you know the internet? There are options on the net that will allow you to keep an eye on daily airfare deals. One of these sites are Sky Scanner with this method you will need to know the dates for sure for when the trip is being planned and it will search for deals as they appear.   

•Sign up for email discounts. These emails can offer huge discounts on airfare, letting you know if there are flights that are unsold and available. As well as the companies only special promos that they only offer from them and do not post other places. 

•There are savings to be had on airplane tickets if the option ever presents itself, volunteer to get bumped off of the flight you are on and jump on one a little later. Being a good negotiator will help you get huge discounts, vouchers, and every now and again even a free flight. It will only benefit you to understand the ins and outs of the “Airfare Game”.

•You will save the most money by making sure that the flight is scheduled at least 3 weeks ahead. You can expect to save hundreds of dollars when you do this which makes so that you’ll have that much more money for other things that are more important.

• Try to learn the days of the week that planes are empty and use those days to travel. Generally these are Tuesday through Thursday with Friday through Monday being the busiest having the most people on each flight. By doing this I have saved up to 500.00 per ticket which if you are flying your family of 4 adds up to a whole lot of money that could be used elsewhere.

•In some areas there could be less popular airports that you could fly into that would not cost as much sometimes saving up to a couple of hundred dollars. There are times that after research you will find that the airport is the same distance from the final destination and maybe even closer. Sites like Orbitz, Kayak, or Travelocity have a list of alternative airports and an evaluation that will help you compare prices.

•Choosing a round trip with multiple stops on the way can save money. The majority of airlines offer discounts on multi-destination travel.

Knowledge is the best way to save money, the more information that is collected the more chance there will be to save money. Check travel sites, agencies and even get ahold of the airlines that are being considered. Research, research, and then research some more it will be worth the time invested. 

A few business to help you get started:

  Car Rental

Did you realize that getting the best deal on a car rental will take a little bit of research to get the best possible price and car. These rental prices will not usually give the best price available price without looking for it, if you want a cheap car rental you'll have a little work to do. If you read on I will share with you a few points and tips to help you get the best possible price.


Point #1 Always research at least three to four car rental businesses to make sure you get someone that will fit your wants and needs. You have several options to choose from, a phone book (yes they still have these LOL), search the internet for options and feedback “Google It”, remember to research every potential company before you make a final choice, you don’t want to rush it and miss out on the best car rental because you got tired of looking. Always focus on the fact that the more money you save will allow you to have the best vacation of you and your families lives. 

Point #2 Once you have decided which rental company you are going to choose reach out to them and ask about any special offers they currently have. Find out where they are at for pick up and where the rental will have to be returned and what do they have available. What are their rates are there special rates, daily, weekly even monthly. Do they have special hotel and airline partnerships? What if any are the extra charges, do they require insurance or is it part of the price. Try everything that might lower the price all of this can help lower the amount you have to pay to rent a car. In the end this will help make the rental process more convenient for you and less stressful.

Point #3Choosing the right pickup location will eliminate unwanted aggravation. Try to find an area that is close to your location. There are car rental companies that will pay for a cab if you need one, and there are some companies that will pick you up at your home or will take you from the airport to the location of your rental.

Point #4 When deciding to rent a car you will need to determine what will be need and what it is going to be used for. Will you need a car that fits a family of 4 or is this just going to be for you and your significant other. Finding a vehicle that fits your needs is important a compact car for 2 will be less than a van for a large family, or a full size luxury sedan.  

Point #5 Finally do not forget to reserve the car that you want/need so that it will be there the day that it is needed. Something to consider is that rental companies will include a reservation fee in the overall cost but some will make this an extra fee above and beyond the final price so always look for this when you are picking up a rental.


These will help you save the most money you can when you find the company that you decide to use to get the rental that you need.

Tip #1 After finding the company to rent a car from make sure to check for any no charge upgrades, make sure to get the best car for the price with as many of these no charge promotions as possible. The old saying “The Early Bird Gets the Worm” will sometimes become an advantage when the other cars have not been turned in yet; it could make for a shortage on the model of choice allowing the company to sometimes give an upgrade at a much lower price. 

Tip #2 Check the internet because they provide “Internet Only” deals that they will not give you at the rental store. There are some of these sites that will allow you to type in your budget and they will find a rental that is within your budget and you will not have to do any of the hard work.

Tip #3 Make sure that the tank on the rental car is filled up before you return it or you will have to pay for a fill up that will be with over inflated fuel. This in its self will save you a ton of money in the end!

Tip #4 Sometimes there are fly-drive-stay or fly-drive packages that will help get you great discounts on rentals. The great thing about this is that these bundles take care of everything, one and done. But sometimes they do not get the very best deal however the convenience is nice. Some travel agencies offer these deals.

This is a small list of things to consider when renting a car remember to ask, search and be pesky. The main reason for someone not to get a discount is because they never asked. Below are a few rental sites that can help you get started:


So many of us want to go on a vacation but because of the final cost there seems to be no foreseeable way to do it. Most trips are locally to an amusement park or to a near by campground. These little mini vacations occur because we tend to accept and limit ourselves to something we convinced in ourselves is unattainable. 

Finding a Discount cruise Ship vacation is considered to be something of a fairy tail. Most often the people who think this do not travel much. If you really would like to go on a cruise the first thing that needs to be done is to change the mindset that it will never be affordable. By changing this part of the brain the ability to find the best possible deal will be only a little research away. 

If you decide that you want to book a discount cruise there are a few different things to consider and will vary depending on what you want. The best thing that we could advise is to research every option leaving no stone unturned. It is surprising where you might find some of these different discount cruise packages with so many different travel sites you never know which one will have an awesome little gem floating around in their inventory.  

Using one of the many discount travel sites has become one of the great ways to save money on a wide range of vacations, including cruises. With a quick search on your phone or computer the possibilities are many and they are right there at your fingertips with a quick and easy way to compare cruises and make reservations. Expedia, Hotwire, Obitz, and Travelocity is a small list of the many different discount travel sites that are available. Research as much as you can and never just give up your personal information until you are positive everything is good. 

Additionally once you have scoured the internet for the best deal do not forget to get ahold of the cruise line directly. Sometimes saving your money and talking to them at the last minute will give the chance to get a deal because they want to fill the cruise with as many customers as possible. When this happens the fare is drastically reduced so a better deal can be had. Some of these last minute deals can be found on line or if you prefer from the cruise representative personally. 

Something else we would like to recommend is checking any Membership Clubs that you belong to. Costco has a program for its members, AAA can help find a deal on a discount cruise, I’ll bet you didn't know that. AARP will help get seniors obtain discounts for their next cruise they are considering taking. The great thing is that these clubs often include savings on plane tickets, cruises, and many other items focused on vacations. If you are in some kind of a club it does not hurt to check it out, the worse that could happen is that they don’t and the answer is no.   

There are travel agents that do not take as much work on your part. Some of these professional travel agents are low cost. Travel agents are a popular option because they can find discounts that are not offered or available to the general public.

Finally; with just a little bit of research and some of your time you can find tickets to take a cruise at a price that will be affordable and within your reach. As you can see you do not have to avoid taking a cruise for your next vacation, the savings you need are out there to be found. 

Below are a few options that will help you get started:


 A great highlight of any vacation is staying in a luxurious hotel. There are a lot of people that will pass on this option and stay in an economy room because of the potential cost of a luxury hotel. But with some work, research and planning you can get one of these upgraded hotel rooms at a price that will not break your budget. 

It does not matter what hotel you are looking at, weekends are the busiest time of the week. Try to get a hotel during the week because they will cost much less than those during the weekend. Find out the least busiest time of the year for the hotel that you are going to stay at. Figuring that out will give an opportunity to get the best possible price available to you so that the hotel has as few empty rooms as possible.  

Like before, always check any membership club that you have signed up for. Are you a Veteran or Active Duty? Are you a senior of disabled? There can be extra discounts that can be used if you have access to them. Contact the Hotel and find out it they have any current promotions, ask them while they are on the phone what the lowest price they can offer for a stay. Now go online and compare the prices quoted and see if they can be beat or if it is the best you can get. 

There are times when the Hotel will have the best price but this is not always the case make sure to check for any online deals. If you would rather work with the Hotel personally they might match a price that was found online if shown. If staying for an extended amount of time some Hotels offer discounts if they stay longer, sometimes give free upgrades, free nights, a more convenient room; make sure to ask if staying longer then a day. Make sure that if stay longer you mention it before completing the reservation. 

 Upon arrival at the hotel asking them if there are any free upgrades can never hurt. If a room is available sometimes they’ll do the upgrade, the worse they could say is no. If you are staying with them in the off season or in the middle of the week some of these “Upgrade” rooms might be available.  

 The majority of people will book their rooms way ahead of time making sure that they will have a room when they need it. But being flexible will allow you to watch out for deals that come up at the last minute. These can be found on some of the different travel sites like, Hotwire, and Tripavisor. But you need to be careful if you wait too long there might not be any rooms open and there will not be a place to stay, rental cars are not the best place to sleep.

If running late or if you like to gamble you can walk into a hotel later in the evening and ask what is available. If you are a negotiator there might be an opportunity to pick up a room at an awesome price because there are rooms still available and they want to fill a room so they do not lose money. But on the flip side they could see it as an opportunity on their part to try and jack up the price because they think you are desperate to get a room. Most people will arrive at the hotel accept the price as is and walk away, ask, negotiate, what could it hurt? 

Finally, if there is a group of people that you will be staying with at the hotel ask if they have a group rate. If they do sometimes they have to be paid together but most will allow individual billing which at the point the game is on. As you can see there are many different tricks to help you get a great deal on your next stay with a little bit of work and sometimes tenacity saving money can be within your reach. 

Here are a few places to start your search:

Vacation Packages 

Are you like so many others over this last year the economy everywhere has left us all wondering how we’ll ever be able to afford that vacation that we all so desperately need. So we should we travel is it even affordable? So many of us have accepted in our minds that it is not just going to happen but with a few adjustments there is still a possibility that you might be able to go. Something that might get you on the way to a critical trip to help give peace and sanity is to find a great deal on a vacation package. 

One of the first questions that those seek to find a good is “Do travel packages really save money?” Regrettably how much savings you get will depend on what you want and what is going to be used. Reading on will give you some tips that will help you understand if a travel package will save you money or if it will cost you more money then you want to spend. 

Is it time to relax but you do not know what you want to do, there are so many things to choose from that it is hard to choose. But asking yourself this question is important because you will need to know what arrangements that will be needed for the perfect vacation. When you have decided on everything you’ll be able to put together the package that is needed. A package can be created that will include airline tickets, hotel and car rental. When choosing a travel package only focus on the items that you really any extras cost more. Study everything decide if it something that is really needed or is it something that can be passed on. Sometimes there might be some friends or family that would not mind and might even want you to stay a day or two with them, no need for a hotel. Only pay for what you need and do not get pushed into stuff you do not it’s a waste of money that can be used in other places. 

There are extra savings that can be had with little children, and children under the age of two occasionally do not need a seat and can ride in your lap because they say flying is statisticlay safer then driving. Always make sure that that they are aware that you have children with most of these discounts coming directly from the airline companies. So when looking for a package make sure that the packages studied include children.

The final thing we need to ask is it cheaper to just take the time and research what you need from different companies. This question is something that needs to be considered there a lot of websites that offer some excellent deals that because of their affiliation with the airline are not offered anywhere else. When looking into a travel package remember that it is out of convenience you can get all of your reservations taken care of in a matter of a few minutes. Sometimes the convenience of a package will come at a price, when looking at the package find out the name of the airline, hotel and car rental companies. When finding out these companies contact and research each independently and compare prices and make sure that the package does not cost more, because if you are not saving money what is the point?

Finally; all of the online websites and the available vacation travel packages offer an awesome opportunity to get a great deal. We can not guarantee that you’ll save money but by breaking down the costs and comparing these opportunities but it will give you step up. These travel packages are convenient but you want to make sure that you are saving money do not buy a package unless it saves money. Remember the goal is an affordable vacation that will not break the bank.

Check out a few of these companies that focus on packages: