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Frugal Maniac

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Women's Clothing 

Make a Statement

Choosing the best clothes to wear has nothing to do with the size, brand, or material. When deciding what to wear the first question to ask yourself is am I comfortable? 

That does not mean we should all wear our pajamas everywhere. But so many women focus on a brand name, who designed it, where it was purchased or even the size. 

The best advice we could give is what makes you feel good and comfortable? Do not worry about anyone but yourself.

There seems to be a never ending, always changing

focus on women's fashion trends. This on-slot of changes can become overwhelming, almost making you feel like you're in a unwinnable battle. 

It often makes a woman wonder if there are so many designers that they keep throwing out more designs because they need the work. Every season seems to have the newest and "bestest" design to try and spike your interest.

There is a way to fight the incoming bombardment of the newest swing in the clothing war. Use your ability to flank the fashion designers with some "trendy" styles of your own. Use some of their fashion suggestions against them.

First, let's look at colors that do not change and will always be in style. Black, khaki tan, green and blue. 

There are a few brighter colors that keep their clout as well. They are red, white, and most of the lighter pastels.

Even though styles, cuts, and looks change these colors seem to hold there fashion value year after year. When using these colors woman will have the ability to create a wardrobe of always changing awesome looking outfits.

Black is a color that makes the woman wearing it appear slimmer, it hides shadows. This is a trick that's been used in Hollywood for many years. 

Black will work in any season. Black slacks in the winter, a black dress in the spring, and a black skirt in the summer.

I know that black has become associated with the "goth or the EMO" movement, but adding a little color and a few accessories will allow you to make a statement. 

We are not saying goth is bad, but like any other style it is a preference.

Adding some color to a black pant, skirt or dress never seems to get old. Summer seems to be the best time for bright colors. 

Fall works great with lighter pastels, and winter is great with the grays and greens. Spring is a good time to start getting ready for the colors of summer with brighter colored pastels.

There is no reason you should have to depend on what a fashion magazine or some designer in Paris thinks. A woman knows her body better than anyone else and knows what looks good and feels comfortable. 

We know that not all of us can design our own clothes, but with the options that are available creating a unique outfit is up to you.

When shopping for outfits know your size and write it down. Get the length, waist, chest and hips. 

This information helps guide what you looking for. Keep an eye out for things that you like in magazines, on the internet, and television. When searching online or in a store make the outfit you like.

Layering clothes, which is great in the winter, is an effective way to make a statement. Wear a tank top under a shirt or shawl. Keep the top two or three buttons undone to make an extended V neck. 

Try different colors, roll up long sleeve shirts to your elbow. Kind of retro but tying a scarf around the waist also makes a statement. 

When layering, you are given the opportunity to mix colors in a way that cannot be done with a single layer.

When buying clothes try and purchase clothes that will work with other clothes that are in your closet. This will save money in the long run. 

You will not need to purchase several of the same items that are just a different color. With just a few accessories one outfit can look different for many different occasions.

Finally, choosing clothes that highlight curves while focusing on style. Find shoes that fit right and are comfortable. 

Heels work great to help someone be just a little taller. Using larger purses and bags can be favorable to ones shape.

The add bonus of a purse. It will hold little extras you might need throughout the day.

These are just a few items to consider when shopping. Remember, a comfortable woman is a confident woman. 

With the environment that the world is in right now we have such an opportunity to find the items we need and want at great prices. Shopping online has never been better or for that matter needed so much.

Clothing Options

Frugal Maniac's has found a selection of ladies' attire that gives popular and exemplary styles for each lady. The prices help you maintain a comfortable frugal living, plus we try to find free shipping on most.

Regardless of whether you need an outfit for work, school, unique occasions, or just to get things done, we have found an incredible selection of ladies' garments from all the number one brands.

 If you need to get ready for a day at the beach or you need something for a casual day in the summer breeze we have you covered. Sandals, running shoes, capris, even rain gear if it's needed.

Shop chilly climate attire in popular and exemplary styles. Take on the corporate world with jazzy work wear, like sweaters, cardigans and pullovers. 

Cuddle up during the colder time of year in comfortable wool night wear with a coordinating robe. Get all you require to put your best self forward for every event.

Shoes, purses, wallets and hair bling, the selection will leave you overwhelmed and excited. A decent travel bag is irreplaceable when traveling. 

Awesome accessories can make a statement and is an incredible alternative for the working ladies. Belts are great, however it is critical to consider body shape and what the width of a belt means for the general shape. 

Some come with gems, some come plain, yet perfectly accented with an outfit. Pick the perfect accessory to make one huge statement! When paired with more modest and subtle pieces it will create a perfect balance. 

If you ever have the privilege to investigate a lady's purse, you'll get to see snap shot of her life. It is the one thing that goes with her all over. This huge assortment of new and used purses and bags will give a choice for each style and circumstance.

Furthermore, there are costs to fit any income, you don't need to burn up all your available cash to shop like your all that (because you are and you're worth it).

If you are looking for a couple of shoes, there are various sorts that you can purchase, which incorporate the accompanying:


Boots: These are strong shoes that can be utilized both for style and to secure against the components. By and large, they will stretch out absurd, in spite of the fact that it is feasible for them to reach out as far up as the knee and now and then the hip. 

Oxfords: These are plain, formal shoes that are described by a component known as shut binding and ordinarily comprise of calfskin.


Heels: High heels are a conventional shoe that accompanies some type of statures at the rear of the shoe, going from a little cat heel at 1.5 creeps to a stiletto of 5 inches. These kinds of shoes alone come in various sorts, including siphon, wedge, and tightened. 

Athletic shoes: These shoes that are made for athletic reasons, regardless of whether you are going for an energetic stroll around your area or are playing sports. These tennis shoes are known to give a considerable measure of cushioning to ensure your feet do not succumb to the high impact from running or playing sports.


Slippers: This is a slip-on shoe that is periodically worn inside to insure your basic comfort.